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If you ask me why I hold a keen passion on Halloween, the answer may not be difficult to understand. Halloween is the only legal season when I can dress up with exaggerated costumes and make up myself as zombie, vampire and anything I like to go to the street without any worrisome. While the problem is that choosing the suitable Halloween costumes may be a troublesome issue. For the couples, picking suitable couples’ Halloween costumes may be double difficult. But have you ever thought to follow the guidelines of celeb couples. You know, various superstars would like to show off their Halloween costumes on their facebook and twitter. Today we will keep on with the topic.


Mariah Carey & Nicki Cannon Wears Angel Costumes

Mariah Carey and her husband Nicki Cannon spotted in the Halloween party with the cute pink angel costumes. Mariah’s white corset perfectly show her curve, matching her husband’s flawless suit perfectly. Furthermore, the wings at the back are really pretty.


Beyonce & Jay-z

During a Halloween party held for members of the Coyotes, Bissonnette posted a photo of a costumed Raffi Torres, along Torres’s wife, to his followers on Twitter. Torres was dressed as Jay-Z and his wife as Beyonce Knowles. Both of them were in blackface.


Rihanna & Chris Brown

The famous lovers Rihanna & Chris Brown adopt simple make up at the Halloween party.


Last year, Chris pick a ugly green costumes which make him like a ET. But this year, he show off his fit body and tattoo on the bust. Rihanna follow his boyfriend, take bold color painting.




Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

Kim kardashian began her dating with kanye west several months ago. This year, they couldn’t wait to show their match outfit. Kim kardashian dress up like a leopard woman ,which shows timeless femininity and sexy sense. Kanye west, put on a leopard print jacket, which is cool.



Christina and her ex-husband Dress Up Like Zombies 





In contemporary times, more and more people would like to have a DIY wedding ceremony, on the one hand, this is one of the best way to cut your budget, on the other hand, DIY promise you a totally unique wedding ceremony. When the DIY bride happens to throw a stop-you-in-your-tracks affairs like this stunning soiree, magical effect come into being. Here we present you a gallery of DIY wedding. Hope our photos and words can engrave the sweet and memorable time.


After dating for 10 years, finally, the bride and groom decide to get marry. Sanibel, Florida was chosen as the wedding destination as the new groom was born here and what’s more, both of the bride and groom love beach quite a lot.


After a meticulous planning, the new couple schemed out their wedding ideas. They decided to have a simple yet elegant wedding. Besides, in order to ensure the ceremony is meaningful, the bride and groom prefer to take a DIY ceremony. So they followed some traditions and disregard some traditions as well.  They sent E-wedding invitations, save the date cards which were made in the theme of their love story.


To the color of wedding ceremony, they chose white and green as the principal tone of the ceremony on account of the outdoor occasion. Little green bouquet dotted with white roses and elegant lilies and other flowers.


The wedding gown was a full-lined one which was covered with elegant lace; it may create a vintage touch. Unique sweep train and the beautiful bowknot at the back add felinity and glamour to the whole appearance to some degree.


Don’t forget the bridesmaid dresses. The elegant bridesmaid dresses were customized by the reputed UK bridesmaid dresses provider: Dress.Vponsale. White bridesmaid dresses with beautiful ruchings couldn’t be better to collaborate with the lace wedding gown.


The venue and the reception place were decided at the same place because it is easy for the guests. In this way, the party never stopped and everyone could have a good time. The wedding celebration lasted for 4 days. The party starts from the groom’s birthday, two days before the exact date of the wedding ceremony. At the rehearsal, the new couple hung out with friends, treated them with a buffet-style dinner. What make the event special was that the bride and groom made a slide show which recorded their sweet memory since they knew each other so all the guests could learn their unforgettable memory.


At the ceremony, various things were made by the new couple themselves. For example, the special cup cakes. Homemade cakes decorated with cream on the top, making the cakes delicious, more stunning and exquisite. By the way, that’s not enough, in order to accentuate the difference and make the ceremony unforgettable, the bride and groom DIY some cute tags on their cakes. On those tags, best wishes were written in a humorous and easy way. The chairs at the ceremony were deliberately decorated by the new couple. White chairs, collaborating with beautiful flowers, setting off to the blue sea, making people feel comfortable.







The fashion week 2012 has already ring down the curtain, various well known brands have released their new collections for the forthcoming 2013 spring and summer. If you are planning to splash out your money in the new season, stylish and modern handbags may be your best choice. So let’s move our eyesight to the catwalk of New York, London, Milan and Paris to find out what will be in vogue in the coming season. Get ready to switch your old bag and update yourself with a brand new look. Here we go.


The most covetable bags for spring/summer 2013, you may find them diversified in styles. No matter you like convenient envelope bags or multivariate handbags, elegant sling bags or even cute purse, you can find what you like at the show. Whether you are a devotee of Gorgeous Hermes, classical Louis Vuitton, or a loyal supporter of legend Chanel, or egalitarian fashion brands such as Coach, Victora Beckham, you will never regret watch the gallery.

Louis Vuitton 2013 Spring handbags


Louis Vuitton 2013 :Quadrate handbags, special tag on the belt.


Valentino 2013 Handbags


Valentino 2013: Gorgeous bags.Butterfly like handbags decorated with crystal, couldn’t be more suitable for an evening party. The sling bag on the right with gold belt looks also quite brilliant.

Channel bags-2013


Fun and Interesting. Chanel brings us such a drama in 2013. The hula style bag is so dramatic. Traditional Chanel bag in gorgeous colors is cute.

Christian Dior 2013 b


Christian Dior: Calm and easy.


Hermes 2013Hermes: A luxurious leather rucksack from Christophe Lemaire.