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In the past several years, manicure has become more and more popular. Various manicure counters have emerged like the mushroom after the rain.
To various girls, those artworks on the nail can not only promote the sentiment of life but also present a fashion taste.
Now I will make a list of top 10 manicure styles for 2012.
N0.10 Artistic Black And White Nails
Sometimes you would like to present a artistic appearance when you present at the public. The n0.10 black and white nail style which features elegant patterns can always refresh your eyes.
 artistic black and white nail
N0.9 Luxurious Diamond Nails
Diamond! Diamond,! Diamond, with the help of the diamond nails, you will no doubt the very shinning and attractive.
N0.8 Tulips Like Nails
This style of nails gains inspirations from tulips . Red bottom sets the tone and shining lines outline the petals.
 tulip like nails
N0.7 Purple rhombic Nails
 purple nails
N0.6 Peacock Nails
The design gains inspirations from peacock. Bright Yellow dotted with emerald spots accentuate the elegance of female.
 yellow and blue nails
N0.5 Red Butterflies Nails
Butterflies are so beautiful .But have you ever thought that butterflies stop over your fingers. With the help of this style of nail, you can achieve that goal.
 butterflies nails
N0.4 Kiwi Fruit Like Nails
N0.3 Watermelon Nails
Watermelon stripes are so very very popular. I am so amazed with the exquisite designs.
No.2 Angry Birds Nails
What is the hottest mobile game in 2012. The answer is quite obvious-ANGRY BIRDS. Here goes with our angry birds style nails. Aren’t they very cute.
N0.1 Purple Crystal Nails
It is said that girls hold a fever in shining and luxurious things. This is quite apropos. The no.1 nail style for 2012 is this purple crystal nails. Without too much artistic elements, you can just finish the nail with the similar style of enamel.