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Weddings in the film create a fantasy space for girls in real life.If we check the movie library, there will be thousands of related topics .No difficult to find that brides in films are so charming and gorgeous , no matter it is the royal princess, or civilian beauty.Once finishing a film, we girls dream to have such a romantic wedding like the actress.Now it’s your turn.If you are the bride, the memorable brides  pictures from movies inspire you.Just refer to their hairstyles and makeup for your most meaningful day.

How to Wear on Your Big Day------Get Inspiration from Brides in Movies

In Funny Face,Audrey Hepburn shocked the audience with short Givenchy dress and a black updo pinned white yarn paving the way for fun .50 years later, there still many brides imitating the same image.

How to Wear on Your Big Day------Get Inspiration from Brides in Movies

Emmy Rossum in The Phantom of the Opera stroked all the world.Fishtail bridal hairstyle with highlighted hair accessories,pink makeup endues her much feminine.

How to Wear on Your Big Day------Get Inspiration from Brides in Movies

In I Love You Man, Rashida Jones appeared elegant with soft bangs to messy low do.

How to Wear on Your Big Day------Get Inspiration from Brides in Movies

How to Wear on Your Big Day------Get Inspiration from Brides in Movies

Sarah Jessica Parker launched a popular agitation people imitate to wear blue headdress.Do you dare to have a try?

How to Wear on Your Big Day------Get Inspiration from Brides in Movies

In Runway Bride,Julia Roberts wears three different looks, with three distinct hairstyles. This hairstyle, however, is very natural and casual, and perfect for creating a relaxed and romantic look, ideal for an outdoor wedding.

How to Wear on Your Big Day------Get Inspiration from Brides in Movies

Jennifer Garner acted Ghosts of Girlfriends Past took flower as head accessory which really fits to outdoor wedding. It is a wedding in our dream.

How to Wear on Your Big Day------Get Inspiration from Brides in Movies

In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the brides wedding accessory inspire you yet?Brown loose updo makes her more elegant .

How to Wear on Your Big Day------Get Inspiration from Brides in Movies

Does the long waterfall yarn in the Wedding Planner excite you? Such romantic wedding dress and hairstyles inspire more and more girls.

How to Wear on Your Big Day------Get Inspiration from Brides in Movies


Recently there is always  a problem puzzling me : what hairstyles fit to me on earth ? To be frank , I always hesitate  for a long time before  I plan to attend a party or wedding , because I really do not know how to make my hairstyles.As we all know, it is essential to pay attention to our appearance  while we attend some evenings or weddings. Except  elegant evening dresses, fashionable hairstyle is a key factor to be the focus of all attentions.

These days , I have sorted out some related materials as follows:


Black up-dos and hair-lace  could make a  layered hairstyle .If you are black hair, you might as well have a try with a highlight hair-lace.


Simple fluffy buds suit to any situations, whether for wedding or  formal evenings.


Bob cut is a classic short hairstyle : thick fringe and  hair-tail curly inside . This hairstyle  usually fit to girls with wide face.


Buns with  french braid  give full expression of   feminine and sexy.

MTV TRL With Mandy Moore

Short hair endues woman or girl capable and experienced.However, additional  highlight  earrings  increase  your attraction.


Long  straight hair brings us magnanimity and  intelligence. A sleek and layered hairstyle tends to keep the path  with fashion.

long  wavy

Long brunette wavy hair with silvery crown   makes you a princess .Sweet appearance   leaves  deep impression on everyone present.

61st Golden Globe Awards 2004 - Press Room

This is  Marilyn Monroe hairstyles.From then on, Curly short represents charming and sexy .


Yeah, you should remember when it comes to your wedding ceremony, you should present the most beautiful appearances to guests. In addition to wedding dresses, shoes ,and accessories, proper hairstyles that meet your dressing up will pay an essentional role in adding a finishing touch to the whole appearance. Now let’s see the most glamorous and beautiful bridal hairstyles lookbook, maybe you can gain inspirations from this post.


Would you like an autumn wedding or winter wedding. Maybe this delicate hairstyle couldn’t be better for you. The twisted bun looks chic and sleek, which will help to wow the crowd in any season.


Maybe you are interested in a sophisticated look. Then you can see this part divided hairstyle with root-lift at the back for a retro vibe.


A fluffy twisted knot at the back looks simply gorgeous.


Keep the front sleek and have the long straight hair tie into a ponytail at the back . This bride hairstyle looks elegant and tidy.


It is quite popular for the bride to add accessory to their head. Now maybe this Dolce Gabbana inspired bride hairstyle present a classical beauty.


The 1940s-1950s inspired wedding hairstyle just looks like the afro style. Voluminous hair remind people of the movie star at that times.


The preppy is a good choice for both brides and bridesmaids. The extra height at the back keeps the look feminine from the front.


Maybe a casual natural beauty style looks good for a outdoor event. So enjoy the sunshine and the beach with this disheveled long hair.


A modern twist would adds timeless beauty.


Glamorous. The asymmetrical side parting hairstyle looks sophisticated.


Blonde long hair with low-up do twister bun suit for any age.


Another bride look from Dolce Gabbana 2013 collection. The sleek black hair do with gorgeous accessory  at the top.


The voluminous up-do will be a perfect match for a sleek and simple wedding gown.You can’t miss this low chignon.


The high rise bride hairstyle adorn the actress with a princess-like beauty.


Ponytail always leave a cool impression. Would you like such a sleek  hairstyle with long ponytail?


Cute. To be a different cute bridesmaid, then you can try this braided up-do with a double halo-braid. Suitable for a summer wedding.


If you have super straight hair, don’t be hesitate, you can try this sleek half-parting hairstyle.


How about adding a gold accessory to your long hair? This bride hairstyle just looks gorgeous.


Add a simple hair clip to your hair, that would make a great difference.


Leave some strands loose and pin them into a simple, low knot to create a gorgeous high fashion style.


A wet ,cool look bride hairstyle with pearl accessories.


Floral headbands are a great way to enhance loose lengths and carefree waves. This bride hairstyle couldn’t be better for a spring or summer wedding.


Secure with a glitzy slide and really amp up the loose curls by adding a volumising mousse. This special hairstyle looks special and sexy.


Modern bride can’t miss this charming wedding hairstyle. Half up half down hairstyle just lead the trend this season.


If you have long hair but you just want to have a short look at your wedding ceremony, then pin your long hair up like this. This cute bride hairstyle just look like a voluminous bob.


Loose long curls with center parting that open up the face and highlight the shape of cut. This wedding hairstyle looks quite good.


Sleek ponytail with hairlines in front, timeless elegance.


If you want to maximum your sweetness at the wedding ceremony, then try this wavy style.


Simple always work the best. This tousled long hair style will make your beach wedding effusing ultimate glamour.


How about a heavy side parting wavy hairstyle?


Vintage can always lead the trend. This 1950s inspired hairstyle looks serious and intense.


Would like something easy to do? Yeah, then you can choose this soft and romantic hairstyle.


Bringing the classic bang up to date, the edgier take on the chignon is cool yet classy.


This simple style of a neat bun pinned at the nape of the neck – teamed with a sleek side-parting – is understated yet ever-chic. Just perfect for your fair maids.


The movie black swan may leave a deep impression on you. How about the bridal hairstyle inspired from this movie.


A lovely hair style with a cute hairpin at one side, loose and tousled.


Then we come with another 1970s inspired hairstyle. Gorgeous. Wavy curls with extravagant flowers.


A darker, edgier take on the ever-popular ballerina bun, this look is a little more directional yet equally striking.


A beautiful, soft ponytail with a little volume on top and sweet curls at the end. Wear low and with an air of sophistication.


Flower is a popular wedding theme. This fabulous bride hairstyles with various stunning flowers at the top will make your wedding fantastic and charming.


Too cute! Give your bridesmaid an original yet totally gorgeous look with this delicate, daring, symmetrical up-do.


It takes good bone structure to pull off a classic bun like this, but it is oh-so worth it for the sheer classic beauty of it. Wwear yours at dizzying heights to really flaunt that face shape and flawless wedding day make-up.


Tease locked into a modern chignon with relaxed texture and carefree body.

Intricate braiding arrange into a crown like top on the head. Just like a goodness。


Classic black hair up-do with white lily accessory ,forming a strong visual compact. This bride hair just look dramatic.


Cleverly interwoven buns worn at the nape of the neck are dainty, delicate and effortlessly dreamy.


Dramatic bun looks so high flown.


When you walk on the aisle with this glamorous hairstyle, people will feel your timeless glamour.


Wearing a real flower on your bun, would that be okay?


Go fierce with a teased beehive and an of-the-moment plait. This totally eye-catching look will knock your bridegroom off his feet and wow the guests. Watch that a modern ‘do like this works with your dress and keep the make-up simple yet striking with a sexy slick of bright red lippy.


Team these voluminous waves and pinned back twist with your simple A-line wedding dress and finish with a red lip for a striking look.


Will this tower like hair give the bride a queen like beauty?


Slick light blonde locks into a high, messy bun and finish with a sparkling tiara for a fairytale finish.


Soft, side swept look will never become out of dated.