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It is reported that Kim Kardashian sits out Kanye’s birthday party becuse of pregnancy. Indeed, Since she conceives, Kim shows up less than before because travel at this stage in her pregnancy is risky.It is accountable and best wish for her.In spite of this, Kim Kardashian hairstyles are still popular among young adults and middle-aged women.The reason for which is that Kim Kardashian is thought to be a flawless human being, whose hairstyles are of the most popular pretty ones.Here we discuss all about her latest hairstyles trend.


kim Kardashian updo hairstyles

Updo hairstyles are glamorous and easy to fit. No matter for proms, weddings, or parties, kim Kardashian updo  is a eye-catching hairstyle.

15_KimKardashian hairstyle with bangs

KimKardashian hairstyle with bangs



Kim Kardashian Hair styles

Kim Kardashian Wavy Hair styles

Kim Kardashian’s hair fit to every girl.Even though you’re with ordinary face, wearing  these hairstyles make a noticeable difference.

Kim Kardashian's short hair

Kim Kardashian’s short hairstyles

Whether Kim Kardashian’s short hairstyle seems like cute and experienced? Once wearing it, curly bob hair makes you feminine and mature.

Kim Kardashian's-bun-hairstyle

Kim Kardashian’s-bun-hairstyle

Kim_Kardashian_blonde long straight

Kim Kardashian blonde long hairstyles

kimkardashian extra long straight hair

kimkardashian extra long straight hair

Long flowing hair to shoulders is a dream to young adults. so long straight hairstyles are common among girls.If yo want to appear more elegant, long hair is your choice.


Rock Various Hairstyles from RPGSHOW to Your Heart’s Content Without Hair Damage.

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RPGSHOW aims to meet customers’ every need of achieving fantastic beauty. They hold a professional hair stylists team, to keep up with the fashion trend. For example, Bella Q, senior stylist of RPGSHOW, was inspired by fashionable styles in Europe and America. Bella and her RPGSHOW team focus on design of fashionable hairstyles for customers.

To learn more about RPGSHOW.COM, you can visit their website:, watch their videos: read their press releases or read their many positive online reviews on respected consumer review sites.


Melissa Gilbert Tied Knot With Timothy Busfield For Third marriage Both.

The actress Mellissa tied knot with Timothy Busfield in a private ceremony at San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara on April 24,2013.This is the third marriage for both Gilbert, 48, and Busfield, 55, who were engaged to one another in December. Since it’s not her first time down the aisle, Gilbert wore long wine red wavy hair and a beautiful red strapless gown.



As before, white wedding dresses are considered as classic outfits, but now  wedding dresses  are no longer have to be white.With red wedding dress, Melissa Gilbert showed more elegant and virtuous.Moreover, more and  more wore  wedding not limited to white dress during their  wedding ceremony.














Recently there is always  a problem puzzling me : what hairstyles fit to me on earth ? To be frank , I always hesitate  for a long time before  I plan to attend a party or wedding , because I really do not know how to make my hairstyles.As we all know, it is essential to pay attention to our appearance  while we attend some evenings or weddings. Except  elegant evening dresses, fashionable hairstyle is a key factor to be the focus of all attentions.

These days , I have sorted out some related materials as follows:


Black up-dos and hair-lace  could make a  layered hairstyle .If you are black hair, you might as well have a try with a highlight hair-lace.


Simple fluffy buds suit to any situations, whether for wedding or  formal evenings.


Bob cut is a classic short hairstyle : thick fringe and  hair-tail curly inside . This hairstyle  usually fit to girls with wide face.


Buns with  french braid  give full expression of   feminine and sexy.

MTV TRL With Mandy Moore

Short hair endues woman or girl capable and experienced.However, additional  highlight  earrings  increase  your attraction.


Long  straight hair brings us magnanimity and  intelligence. A sleek and layered hairstyle tends to keep the path  with fashion.

long  wavy

Long brunette wavy hair with silvery crown   makes you a princess .Sweet appearance   leaves  deep impression on everyone present.

61st Golden Globe Awards 2004 - Press Room

This is  Marilyn Monroe hairstyles.From then on, Curly short represents charming and sexy .


Good girl gone bad. Not an album from Rihanna. This is what Taylor Swift really tells. Have you ever thought that an airport girl can hold a deep v-neck dress? On January 10th , the famous American Country singer Taylor Swift attended People’s Choice award with a Ralph Lauren collection plunging white dress and Christian Louboutin heels. The sexy deep v-neck long gown really wow the crowd. But what I want to stress is that it seems that a sweetheart girl has become a bitch, profligate and turgescent. Let’s see the change of Taylor Swift’s Carpet appearance and learn how a good girl gone bad.

rihanna good girl gone bad


Taylor Swift In Mcqueen Evening Dress


Taylor Swift attended 2012 Jingle Ball Party With Little Black Dress


Taylor Swift at Grammy Nomination Center With Lace Cocktail Dress


Taylor Swift attended 40th American Music Awards with Short Beaded Prom Dress



Red Cocktail Dress




Red Lace Dress


White Long Prom Dress


Long Beaded V-neck-Prom Dress




Long White Evening Dress




White Backless Prom Dress



Deep V-neck Prom Dress


It seems that as Taylor Swift change her boyfriend, she has become more and more flirtatious. But thanks to Victoria’s Secret to build her shape , she can wear such a dress.

original-taylor-swift-boyfriends Taylor-Swift-boyfriends

Yeah, after a long time of hesitation,  finally, I decide to write this blog. For myself, for all people I love. 

Actually, I am not any specialist! While I hold a strong passion on those fashion things. Though I am not a 

white rich beauty!!!! Hahaha!


Yeah, In this blog, I will share something new and interesting with all of you .Hope that you like it. By the

way, looking forward to see more friends so we can communicate with each other.